etoy.SHARE Certificate EYA
(CLASS A, unique, high quality certificate)

laminated and mounted on aluminum

approx. 20" x 20"

estimated value: $3,000
minimum bid: $1,250

currently: $1,250.00

time left:

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Due to a preliminary injunction of the California State court in the eToys vs etoy case, this offering is made only to non-US citizens. Only investors, art collectors and fans from nations other than the US can legally bid on this item. We are obliged to verify your nationality before these items can be transfered.

etoy.SHARE is a high risk investment with the prospect of profit in cultural values. "etoy.SHARE" is a radical transformation of art ownership in the digital age. The rigidly limited number of etoy.STOCKS available on the market replace the idea of the (physical) original art master piece. The art and culture value etoy is limited to 640.000 etoy.SHARES (equals 100% of the etoy.CORPORATION). The etoy.SHARES are officially traded by the symbols: EYA (CLASS A, unique, high quality certificates, laminated and mounted on aluminum) and EYM (etoy.MICRO-SHARES on magnetic code cards).

Current market value of EYA is $3,000. Bidding starts at $1,250 for the equivalent of 1,000 shares. Current market value of EYM is $300. Bidding starts at $125 for the equivalent of 100 shares.

Should bidding for either item exceed the market value by a factor of two, bidder will then receive additional EYA or EYM class shares. For example, should bidding for EYA shares go over $6,000, bidder will then receive two certificates for a total of 2,000 shares.