Jonas Mekas

This Side Of Paradise
(Peter Beard and John F. Kennedy, Jr.)
16" x 20"
signed and numbered by the artist

estimated value: $2,500
minimum bid: $1,800

currently: $1,800.00

time left:

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"This Side of Paradise" includes images of Caroline Kennedy, Jackie Kennedy, Lee Radziwill, Anthony Radziwill, John F. Kennedy jr., Andy Warhol, Elia Kazan & other friends. These particular frozen film frames are from weekend excursions Mekas took with the Kennedy family to Montauk, Long Island. They are images of happiness, youth, love, family & friends, unscripted & unrehearsed.

The "images" are enlarged color photographs taken from Jonas Mekasą original films. Each image contains between 2-4 frames & you can often see subtle movements as you look up or down the frozen film frame. Jonas Mekas is a filmmaker not a photographer, which adds a special dimension to his decisions about which frames to choose. These images possess the stillness of photography as well as the motion of film. This show is only possible because Jonas Mekas realized the aesthetic and ethical priority of his film diary over any feature film project he might undertake.

We are offering two prints from this series, courtesy of James Fuentes Gallery.